We are superheroes. Capes and masks. Bathtubs and 90210. We have a mission. A homosexual agenda. Power to the people. And shit stains on the carpet. We like fighting evil. Everywhere we find it. Thumbs up! Off to the backroom when terror strikes at the heart of innocent whores.

My superpower = serious anal gripping. Your superpower = cocksucking with teeth. Our powers united for good clean fucking. We fight dirty ass and unrimmable bottoms. The peering eyes of creepy trolls in dark corners. Those pickpockets who would ruin your whoring for 10 measly foxy dollars. They all die a syphilitic death when we are on the case.

My kryptonite = I can't resist an old man in a suit. Your kryptonite = you can't pass up an all-you-can-eat buffet. But anywhere a slutty fag cries out for a caped crusader, we will be there in a flash of light and furious hand.

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