No longer content with fucking random Boy Scouts that wandered away from their troop in the forest where I live I decided to head towards the hypnotic lights of the city. I followed the scent of ass, cum and poppers until I wound up in the center of Montrose, the gay area of Houston. I was nervous at first cause word in the forest was that the faggots of Houston were not too friendly and not too cute, but it had been weeks since I had my ass blown out by that twisted park ranger with the massive cock and Yogi Bear fetish. I was horny as hell.

The fags of Houston can be grouped into two categories, over groomed nelly fucks and hairy beasts that will eat you, fuck you or both. since I am covered in hair and love to eat and fuck I headed to where the smell of cigars and sweaty balls was the most intense. I was amazed how easily I blended in with the locals. I threw back a few brews, played some darts and even won a stuffed bunny to diddle.

All the while no one spoke to me, in fact very few people even acknowledged my presence until a cute little junkie walked over to me and asked if I wanted to play some pool. I was blown away… this boy was not over groomed (he was rather a mess) nor was he a big hairy thing with leather pants worn too tightly. He was like me just lookin for some first class fuckin with someone that actually knows his way around a cock(teeth are for chewing food,not giving head).

We finished our game then he rode my back to the forest and we laid our bodies down on a pile of dead leaves. That night under the stars we fucked like crazy with all the creatures of the forest looking on. He said my cum tasted like honey and I told him his ass was like a wet rose, opening up with the dawn's dewy drops. I guess I was wrong about Houston, it doesn't totally suck……

The moral of the story is that if you take two dicks at one time, think of the time you'll save.

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