by Lester Suckleton

      It was all about the business for me, but that was before I met Maria at the Travelodge. Oooops, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Let me take you back to the beginning…

      You see, I'm a salesman for Crack Ho Industries, Inc. We sell crack ho's and crack ho accessories. I'm one of the top salesmen in my division in Shitola, Illinois. So, I end up having to travel a lot around the good old US of A, usually just for a day or two, then I'm back home like I was never gone. Sounds glamorous, maybe, but it isn't. These trips are always about the business. That is, until I went to San Francisco...

      The company thought it would be a good idea to send me to California for a week or two to set up business with some new clients. Pretty boring shit if you ask me, but I really wasn't unhappy to do it. I figured it would be nice to leave the wife and kiddies for a while – they were good for a fuck every now and then, but lately it seemed like they had been getting real bored of me. And I had been spending a lot of time thinking about the good ole high school days when I was a big slut and had let both the varsity football and basketball teams ride my ass till I bled… Those were some good times!

      However, I was just set to work… My two flights from Shitola to Detroit and then from Detroit to San Francisco had taken about 6 hours all together, so I was a little tired when I reached the Travelodge. I figured I would just settle down in my room for the rest of the day. My room was on the second floor, up a flight of stairs on the right, after the elevator on the left, and down another flight of stairs to the right. When I got into my room, I was happy and knew I would immediately feel comfortable: the cigarette burns on all the furniture gave the place a very homey feel, and the stench of cigars in the room reminded me of the wife cause she's a big ole cigar smoker.

      So, anyway, I was settling down in my room, unpacking my shit, then checking myself in the mirror and grooming my moustache, when I heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" I yelled, and that's when I heard her voice… a beautiful, husky voice that said, "House-a-keeping". Housekeeping, I thought, what the hell?

      "I just checked in!" I yelled. "The room is already clean!" I listened for a second and waited. Then I heard another knock at the door. "No, thank you," I said, but she did not go away.

      "House-a-keeping," she said again, but before I could answer back, she had put her skeleton key in the lock, the skeleton key that all maids have, and she came right in.

      "Ooooh!" she cried when she saw me on the bed. "I did not know you in da room."

      "That's o.k.," I said, "but the room is already clean."

      "You want-a more towels?" she asked.

      "Sure, why not?"

      She grabbed two towels from her maid's cart, and entered the room. She shut the door with a forceful arm and headed toward the bathroom. I stood up from the bed, trying to be polite, and she brushed past me. As she did this, she grabbed my crotch.

      "My name is-a Maria," she whispered into my ear as she undid my fly and pulled down my pants. Then, she grabbed my now throbbing cock and planted her lips against mine. She smelled of Brut aftershave all over her, which just got me hotter and hotter.

      Then off came my undies, and out came my dick. She went down on me. "Fuck!" I said; it felt so damn good. She sucked, and she sucked. Then it was her turn. I reached down and pulled her up. I opened up her maid's uniform, pulled it off, and threw it on the floor. Then, I grabbed her crotch. I quickly realized that she had a monstrous cock, not unlike mine, beer-can thick and at least ten inches long. "Fuck yeah!" I yelled, yanked down her panties, and headed to town. My lips wrapped around her humongous dick, and it tasted like candy. It was so good that I needed Maria's man-meat in my ass!

      I bent over the back of the bed and spread my ass cheeks. Maria knew exactly what to do. She picked up her uniform and pulled out a purple condom from her pocket, opened it up with her teeth, and rolled it onto her hot pounding manhood. She pulled out a bottle of lube and put one tiny droplet onto the condom. "I want-a make-a you bleed," she said in her beautiful Spanish accent. I laughed and knew what she meant. "Fuck me, Maria!" I said, and she did just that. She fucked my boygina, and she fucked. And I did bleed, but it never felt so good.

      She must've fucked my ass for an hour. Finally, we came together. Almost in unison. "Damn! That was awesome!" I said. "Si!" she replied. I grabbed a cigarette and flipped on the radio. "We don't have to take our clothes off (to have a good time)" by Jermaine Jackson was playing. Maria and I both laughed at that, because we knew that that just isn't true.

      I smoked my cigarette. Then Maria said with a kind of sad look in her eye, "I have clean other room now."

      I grabbed her hand. "I'm going to be getting my room real dirty this evening, Maria. You may need to come back later," I told her.

      "I will bring you more towel later," she joked. Then she put her uniform back on, laughed, and left the room.

      I got up off of the bed. I grabbed a towel, put around me, and headed to the door. I opened it up and put on the "please make up room" sign. About that time I noticed that I reeked of Brut aftershave and was all sticky from Maria's hot cum… So, I went to the shower and scrubbed my ass clean. There ain't nothin' better than a good scrubbin' after a good fuck, I thought. What an awesome day! I fuckin' love San Francisco!

      Anyway, Maria came back that same night and two more times the next day… And the fucking just got better and better. She's coming back tomorrow just to give me some more "towels", even though it's her day off. I can't fucking wait!

      Well, maybe some of you sick religious freaks out there might be questioning my morals, thinking, "He's got a wife and kids at home!" Well, I ask you one question: "What would Jesus do if he found himself riding a hot 10 inch, beer-can thick, Latin dong?" I, for one, am pretty sure that he'd stay on it and ride that shit as long as he possibly could. Besides, the wifey's a big ole dyke. I know that she's much happier when I am away, when she can smoke her cigars in peace, work on the car, and finger the neighbor's wife. And the kiddies only put out so that Daddy will give them their weekly allowance. They're probably sick of their old man's cock and are definitely happier hanging out in mall bathrooms, waiting for a special surprise to come through the glory hole. So, it's a win-win situation for all concerned that I'm here in San Francisco enjoying Maria and letting her pound my ass. And I've been thinking that I may have to extend my stay here at the Travelodge a couple of weeks, or a month even… Hell, I may even move in on a permanent basis!

The End

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